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New Online Casino Pro Disclaimer Statement

All online gambling sites, including online casinos and online bookmakers, listed on NewOnlineCasinoPro.com are for informational purposes only. NewOnlineCasinoPro.com and its partners do not endorse, support, or promote any illegal activity associated with online gambling. It is the responsibility of users of this website, or any other website leading from this website, to check, research, understand, and abide by their local laws related to gambling on the internet and in general. We will not be held responsible for any illegal activities that may occur.

Online Gambling Operations

As a general rule, most gambling sites, including online casinos and online bookmakers, advertised, linked, or mentioned on NewOnlineCasinoPro.com are reputable, honest, and follow high standards. Even though all efforts have been made to ensure fairness and security regarding players at each of the gambling sites listed, we still cannot be held liable or accountable if any discrepancies occur between you (the player) and an online gambling operation. 

Since we do care about our visitors and players, we will make an effort to assist you with any problems that may arise if you have signed up for online gambling websites through one of our advertisements. 

Please kindly note that online gambling operations are prone to making changes to, in particular, but not limited to, their promotional offers, terms and conditions, eligibility, and other rules. Therefore, we strongly suggest you visit the advertised websites, do your research, and familiarize yourself with their terms and conditions. As an alternative, you can contact their customer support and request the information in writing. 

NewOnlineCasinoPro.com accepts no responsibility for any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. However, we will make our greatest effort and endeavor to provide as precise and complete information as possible and update it regularly.

Terms and Conditions

Definitions and Key Terms

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions: 

  • Company: Whenever you encounter the words “company”, “us”, “we”, or “our” in these Terms and Conditions, it refers to New Online Casino Pro, the company responsible for your information under our Privacy Policy.
  • Customer: The term refers to the person, company, or organization that signs up for the services of New Online Casino Pro. 
  • Personal data: Any piece of information that enables the identification and identifiability of a natural person, be it directly, indirectly, or in connection with other forms of data, including a personal identification number. 
  • You: An entity or a person that is registered with New Online Casino Pro to use the services of the business.
  • Service: Refers to all the services provided by New Online Casino Pro, described both in relative terms and on this platform. 
  • Third-party service: Refers to promotional and marketing partners, advertisers, contest sponsors, and all other entities who provide New Online Casino Pro with content or whose services and products we think might be interesting to you.
  • Personnel: Refers to all the individuals employed by New Online Casino Pro or hired under contract to perform services on behalf of one of the parties. 
  • Website: The website of New Online Casino Pro, and it can be accessed through the following URL: https://newonlinecasinopro.com/
  • Device: Any device that can be connected to the internet and used to visit the new Online Casino Pro website for the sake of using the company’s services. Such devices include, but are not limited to phones, personal computers, and tablets. 
  • IP address: Each device connected to the Internet is assigned a unique number known as the IP (Internet Protocol) address. The numbers are often assigned in geographic blocks, so an IP address can often be used to pinpoint the location from which a particular device is connecting to the Internet. 
  • Cookie: A small amount of data that is generated by a website and then stored by your browser. After that, it is used for browser identification, and to provide analytics on different types of data, including some basics like your login information and language preferences.

By Using Our Site You Accept These Terms

By deciding to use our website, you accept these terms of use and agree to comply with them.

You must not, in any circumstance, use our site if you do not agree to accept these terms. 

It is highly recommended that you print a copy of these terms and use them for future reference. 

Other terms that may be applicable to your case

These terms of use rely on the following additional terms that also apply to the way you use our website:

  • Privacy Policy: Look for further information under the section titled How we may use your personal information. 
  • Cookie Policy: This section sets out information about the use of cookies on our website.

We reserve the right to make changes to these terms

These terms are modified by New Online Casino Pro from time to time. Each time you wish to use our website or one of our services, please take a moment to check the terms once more to make sure you understand the conditions that apply at that given time. 

[These terms were most recently updated on September 9th, 2023.]

We have the right to make changes to our website

We may occasionally change or update our website in order to reflect the changes we have made to our products and services and to meet the needs of our users. 

We can suspend or withdraw our website 

Our website is available to you free of charge. 

We make no guarantee that our website or any of its content will be available to you at all times, without interruptions. We may withdraw, suspend, or restrict the availability of the entire website or any of its components for business or operational reasons. In that case, we will try to provide users with reasonable notice of any withdrawal or suspension. 

Additionally, you are responsible for making sure that all individuals who access our website using your internet connection are aware of these terms, as well as other related and applicable terms and conditions, and that they agree to comply with them.

We have the right to transfer this agreement to someone else

At any time, we may transfer our rights and obligations listed under these terms to another business or organization. In case this happens, we will inform you about it in writing, and we will make sure that the transfer keeps your rights under the contract intact.

Permission to Use the Website

You are allowed to:

  • View our website pages using a web browser;
  • Download our website pages to have them cached in a web browser;
  • Print our website pages;
  • Use our website services through a web browser;
  • Stream video and audio files from our website,

in accordance with the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions.


  • Except if it’s expressly permitted by any other provisions of these terms, you are not allowed to download any of our website material or save any of such material to your computer or any other device.
  • You are only allowed to use our website for personal reasons, and no other purposes whatsoever.
  • Unless it is expressly permitted by any other part of these Terms and Conditions, you are not allowed to edit or modify any material available on our website. 
  • Unless you directly own or control the rights to the material used on our website, you must not: 
    • Sell, sub-license, or sell our website material;
    • Republish the material from our website. This also refers to republication on other sites;
    • Redistribute the material featured on our website;
    • Redistribute the material featured on our website;
    • Show any of our website material in public;
    • Exploit the material provided on our website for commercial purposes.
  • We reserve the right to restrict access to the whole website, or to some of its components, at our discretion. In case we do so, you must not bypass, circumvent, or attempt to bypass or circumvent any access restriction measures in place. 
  • You are allowed to redistribute our newsletter, both in electronic form and in print, to anyone.

Misuse of Website

As a website visitor, you are not allowed to:

  • Use our website or any of its parts in any way that is illegal, unlawful, harmful, or fraudulent, or in connection with any such actions;
  • Use our website in a way that would cause damage to the website by impairing its performance, accessibility, or availability;
  • Make attempts to scan, probe, or test the vulnerability of our website without our permission;
  • Try to circumvent any security systems or authentication processes on our website;
  • Hack the website or tamper with it in any other way;
  • Attempt to decipher or decrypt any communications sent to our website or by our website without our direct permission;
  • Use or website to use, copy, send, distribute, transmit, store, host, or publish any material that is linked to or consists of spyware, worms, computer viruses, rootkits, Trojan horses, keystroke loggers, or other malicious and damaging software;
  • Conduct any data collection activities, neither systemic nor automated, including but not limited to data mining, scraping, data harvesting, and data extraction. This is strictly forbidden on our website, and in relation to our website, unless you have received our express written consent; 
  • Use the information collected from our website for any kind of direct marketing activity, which includes but is not limited to telemarketing, email marketing, SMS marketing, and direct mailing;
  • Access or in any way interact with our website using automated means such as robots and spiders, unless it is done for the purpose of search engine indexing;
  • Violate the directives set out in our website’s robots.txt file;
  • Burden our website resources, such as storage capacity, processing capacity, and bandwidth, with an unreasonably large load;
  • Perform any actions that might interfere with the normal use of the website. 

Additionally, you must ensure the information that you supply us with through our website or in relation to our website is accurate, complete, current, true, and non-misleading.


You are not allowed to do the following action yourself, or to permit others to do so:

  • Sell, license, rent, assign, lease, host, disclose, transmit, outsource, distribute, or in any way commercially exploit our services or make our platform available to third parties.
  • Alter, obscure, or remove any proprietary notice of our suppliers, partners, or licensors that you find on our website, including any notice of copyright or trademark.
  • Modify, decrypt, disassemble, reverse engineer, reverse compile, or make derivative works of any part of our service. 
  • Conduct, permit, authorize, or facilitate any web scraping or data mining in relation to our website, or any services related to or provided by our website. This includes and forbids the use of:
    • Any “robot” “spider”, “bot”, “scraper”, or similar automated tool, device, program, code, algorithm, methodology, or process used to copy, obtain, access, republish, or monitor any section of our website or any piece of information, content, or service accessed through such means.
    • Any automated analytical strategy used for the purpose of performing text and data analysis in digital form in order to generate information that includes but is not limited to correlations, patterns, and trends.

Links to Other Websites

It is possible for our service to contain links to other websites and providers that are not operated by New Online Casino Pro. When you click on a third-party link, you will be directed to the website of that particular party, and your actions will no longer be subject to our Terms and Conditions. Therefore, we strongly advise that you go over the Terms of every website you encounter. We have absolutely no control over and assume no responsibility over the content, practices, or Terms and Conditions of any third-party website we link to.

Affiliate Links

On our website, you may come across links to third-party merchant sites that supply various goods and/or services. 

If you click on such links and subsequently make a purchase on the provider’s website, we may earn affiliate fees. 

As a user of our website, you acknowledge that:

  • We do not perform vetting of third-party merchants;
  • We do not audit, check, control, or monitor:
    • The identity and credit-worthiness of third-party merchants
    • The accuracy of the data published on the websites of third-party merchants
    • The levels of security of third-party merchant platforms and sites;
  • Our website includes information supplied by different third-party merchants, but we do not audit, monitor, or check the accuracy of such information. Therefore, we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage you may experience because of the information supplied by a third-party merchant, the use of a third-party merchant website, the contracts you sign with third-party merchants, or the offers made to you by third-party merchants. 
  • We are not involved in any contract entered between you and a third-party merchant for the purchase or sale of goods or services;
  • We do not take responsibility for the enforcement of any obligations that might arise from a contract signed between you and any third-party merchant, and we are not obliged to act as a mediator between the parties that sign such a contract.

Do not fully rely on the information published on this website

The content provided on our website is published for general information only, and it should not be seen as advice that you should rely on. Before you take any action (or refrain from any) based on the content provided on our website, you must obtain professional advice. 

Even though we regularly make efforts to update our website information, we make no guarantees, warranties, or representations that the content is entirely complete, accurate, and up to date, unless we specifically express so. 

We cannot be responsible for other websites we link to

The links to other websites and resources provided by third parties that are present on our site are provided for informational purposes only. The presence of such links does not mean that we approve any information that you might come across and obtain from them. We have absolutely no control over the information and content published on such websites and resources. 

Personal Information

Potential use of your personal information

Your personal information will only be used in the ways defined in our Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to disclose information about your identity to any third party who claims that you uploaded or posted pieces of content that violate their right to privacy or their intellectual property.

We do not take responsibility for viruses, and you must not introduce them to our website

We cannot guarantee that our website is free and secure from any viruses or bugs. 

The configuration of your computer programs, information technology, and other means of accessing our website are your responsibility. Additionally, you should install and use your own malware or virus protection software. 

You must not damage our website by knowingly introducing any worms, viruses, logic bombs, trojans, or any other technologically harmful or malicious material. You must not try to get unauthorized access to our website, the computer or database connected to our website, or the server on which the website is stored. You must not attempt to attack our website with a denial-of-service attack, or with a distributed version of the same attack. Performing any actions that would breach this provision will be considered a criminal offense. If that happens, we will report the breach to all relevant law enforcement authorities, and we will disclose your identity to such authorities. In the event of such a breach, you will immediately lose all rights to use our website. 

Rules About Linking to Our Site

You are allowed to link to our home page, as long as you do so in a fair and legal way that does not damage our reputation or take advantage of it in any way.

You are not allowed to establish a link to our website that would suggest that we are in any way associated, or that there is any kind of endorsement or approval on our part; it actually does not exist.

You must not establish a link to our website on another site you do not own.

You must not frame our website on any other site, or create a link to any page on our website other than the home page.

We have the right to withdraw all linking permissions without notice, at any time.

If you are interested in linking our website or using any content provided on our website in any way that is not defined in these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at support@newonlinecasinopro.com.

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